Now I know my ABCs!

Letter of the Week curriculum activities are so important in preschool and in Kindergarten.  I absolutely LOVE planning for the letter of the week!  I love to make the theme intertwine in all of my activities for the week.  I think it makes it more meaningful and fun for the littles.  I even like to include a themed snack that matches what we are learning.  I’ll go into that more in another post.
Today, I want to share my newest fun addition to my letters of the week.  ABC Alphabet bracelets that are fun and help the littles with learning the letters of the alphabet.  My littles LOVE wearing these to show off what they are learning.  They are also great for having others ask them to identify the letters of the bracelet.
Grab yours by clicking the pic. It will take you to a new page.  :)

Setting up a Gift Wrapping Dramatic Play Center

Dramatic Play centers are one of my favorite things to create!  They’re also one of my students’ favorite activities!  They look forward to seeing what the dramatic play center will be themed as because I change it pretty frequently.  This is one of the Dramatic Play centers that I set up for Christmas.
I created this dramatic play center for wrapping gifts…fun and skillful all at the same time!  In addition to setting it up in my classroom, I also gave it to my daughter’s teacher to implement in the Dramatic Play center in her class because she’s in preschool too.  I love how it came out!  The littles were sooo excited to join the fun!  The best part is that they’re learning through play!  This center includes fine motor skill development too, which is so important.
Here’s a little preview of the pack I created! You can click the pic to be redirected to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase the set.
Here’s the setup pics:
This board has the Price List, Wrapping Options, Helper of the Month and a Notice Board.
Here’s the Wrapping Station – set up for wrapping the gifts, sorting and adding bows and tags, and of course the sneaky elf showed up!!
When gifts are all ready, they get placed in the “Ready for Pickup” area.
Here’s a close up of the tag station!  Students can write to/from on the tag and/or a message.
The cash register area is used to pay using pretend money and/or credit cards! They’re included in the pack too!
Love the tree my daughter’s teacher created!
I hope your kiddos enjoy this center as much as my class and my daughter’s class did!


My First Post!

I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so I’m excited {and nervous} to get started!  I have been thinking a lot about what I should write in my first post…and the truth is that I still don’t really know what to write, but here I am typing away anyway.  🙂   I feel silly because all bloggers know that your first post you are really just “talking” to yourself!  I’ll keep it short and simple… I’m excited to share ideas and activities to use in classrooms- from Preschool to 2nd grade!

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