Zoo Animals Theme MEGA Learning Pack

I’m so excited about my newest pack!  It’s a Zoo Animal theme pack that is 189 pages of math and literacy fun!  I am soooo excited about using it with my new class this year.  It’s finally complete.  I only had bits and pieces of what is there now to use with my class last year.   It was by far one of my favorite units to teach, so I revamped my unit and am now excited to share it with all of you!  If you missed my post about Zz is for Zoo, check it out here.  You know there will be a very detailed blog post when I teach it again this upcoming year!  For now, here’s a preview pic of some of what is included in the pack.


It will be 50% off for the first 48 hours that it is posted, then it will go to regular price.  Don’t miss your chance to save!!  You can click the image to go to my TpT site and get your copy.  🙂

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