Promoting Autism Acceptance

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Though, acceptance of neurodiversity should be every month. Here are some ways you can help promote Autism Acceptance in your school:

Podcast Launch

I am so excited to share this big news with you! The Special Education Clubhouse Podcast has officially launched today! It is available wherever you enjoy listening to your podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. I will be releasing new episodes on Mondays to help give tips, ideas and advice to startContinue reading “Podcast Launch”

Thanksgiving Social Story

Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful and spending time with family. It can also be a time that may be new or bring uncertain feelings to our students and children with autism or other special needs. They may not know what to expect. Even though you might explain it to them, it can stillContinue reading “Thanksgiving Social Story”

What is an I.E.P.?

Part 1     What is an IEP? If you’re reading this post, you may be a special education teacher, a general education teacher with students who have I.E.P.s in your class, or a parent of a student with an I.E.P.  Hopefully after you’re finished reading this post, I’ll be able to help answer someContinue reading “What is an I.E.P.?”

5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Classroom

Timers can be a very valuable tool to use for your classroom.  Let’s talk about five different ways that you can use a timer to benefit your students. 1. Teaching Students to Wait Waiting can be such a challenging skill for some students.  Many of our students can have a short attention span and haveContinue reading “5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Classroom”

I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal

 I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal Teaching children to be grateful is an important skill.  It also helps promote mindfulness and teaches them to be present, in the moment and to reflect on themselves and their experiences.   One way I have implemented reflection time with my own two personal children, as well as withContinue reading “I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal”

Write the Room – Thanksgiving Edition

Write the Room is ALWAYS a fun activity for students that gets them up, moving and learning!  They always enjoy it because they get to move!  Students also love hunting around the room for the words.  If you haven’t tried a Write the Room activity before, you should!  You will quickly find that it isContinue reading “Write the Room – Thanksgiving Edition”

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