ABCs at Home

Since it’s summer, I’m using the things I’ve made to homeschool my two little ones, ages 4 and 2.  Here’s some of the fun things we did today!

Here’s my daughter wearing her letter A crown.  I let her choose the colors she wanted to use…but she was in a purply mood so everything got colored purple!  Lol.  🙂  Sorry about the clipart face, my hubby won’t allow me to post pics of our kiddos on the Internet.  I plan on revealing myself to put a face to “The Teaching Zoo” so maybe then he’ll let me.  We’ll see….
The crown is part of my Let’s Learn the Alphabet!  ABC Crowns pack.  You can get a copy of the pack by clicking the picture of the cover page below.

These two pictures are my son (age 2) and daughter (age 4) completing a page of letter A pictures.

You can get your copy of my Let’s Learn the Alphabet!  ABC Letter & Sound Coloring Posters by clicking the pic of the cover page below.
More fun activities to come…after their nap!  I’ll be posting them later.  Stay tuned!  🙂
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