Get Random!

I was just looking through my pics that I’ve taken and haven’t posted yet to my blog.  Here’s a few of them…a bit random, but hopefully you’ll find the ideas useful for your classroom!
 Here’s one of the Valentine’s Day activities that my students made for their parents.  I had them tear up construction paper and glue it inside of a heart.  

 We did a unit about penguins and one of the books we read was Tacky the Penguin.  They made a colorful penguin and dressed him in a tacky shirt to go with the story.
Here’s a red-eyed tree frog that we made when we did our Rainforest unit.  First, we read If I Ran the Rain Forest: All About Tropical Rain Forests (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) and then we made this cute little frog.
More randomness to come as I keep going through my pics!  Have a great day!
Kristin  🙂 

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