Tie Dye Ornament


These Tie Dye Ornaments are a fun and easy craft for students to do.  I love the Tie Dye effect and I’ve done it with so many different crafting themes!  It always turns out beautiful and unique for each child and the one of the beauties of it is that you’ll never truly know how it will turn it out until it is done.  

The items you’ll need for this craft are:
– Coffee Filter (or plain paper cut into a circle)
– Tissue Paper in a variety of colors and cut into about 1 inch squares.
– Construction paper in a variety of colors and cut into about a 2 x 1 inch square.
– Pipe Cleaners
– A hole puncher
– A water spray bottle 
– A large scrap paper
The steps are simple.  Place the coffee filter on a large sheet of scrap paper.  After you’ve cut the tissue paper into squares, students choose which colors they want to use and they simply lay them on top of the coffee filter.  I always lightly write the child’s name with a pencil on the edge so we know who the project belongs to.  If you don’t do this before they start, the project will be completely wet.  After the coffee filter is completely covered, you help the child spray (or spray it yourself) until it is completely covered in water.  Then you just let it sit until it is dry.  I usually move the large sheet to a drying rack and let it sit overnight.  Do not take the tissue paper squares off until it is dry.  Once it dries, you can just lift them off or brush them off.  The tissue paper will literally just fall right off when it’s dry.

The results are always beautiful and each one is different.  I always love how they come out!  You can then just hole punch the construction paper rectangles (2 inch by 1 inch) and string the pipe cleaner through to give somewhere for the ornament to hang.  Then you glue it onto the back of the ornament and you’re done!  

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