I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal

 I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal

Mindfulness Journal for Kids

Teaching children to be grateful is an important skill.  It also helps promote mindfulness and teaches them to be present, in the moment and to reflect on themselves and their experiences.  

One way I have implemented reflection time with my own two personal children, as well as with students, is by journal writing.  Journaling also helps improve writing skills, which is an added bonus!

I decided to create a journal that helps children learn to reflect.  I included color and black/white options.  I like having them color certain pages because it helps them express themselves (and they love to color!)  I also included large and small versions and styles for a variety of ages.  

Here’s a few pictures of the journal in action.

This picture shows the black/white version of the cover getting some beautiful colors added in!

This is one of the pages that asks children to identify people in their lives that they are grateful for.

This picture shows one of the journal entry pages.  On the top, students write what they are grateful for and on the bottom, they include something fun they did today.

There are a variety of mixed prompts and many of them can be repeated to extend the journal, because there is always something to be grateful for!

Here’s a little video preview to show you what is included in the Grateful Journal.  You can purchase the resource by clicking any of the images in this post.

I hope you enjoy this journal with your students and/or your own children!  
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