Write the Room – Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving Write The Room Center Activity
Write the Room is ALWAYS a fun activity for students that gets them up, moving and learning!  They always enjoy it because they get to move!  Students also love hunting around the room for the words.  If you haven’t tried a Write the Room activity before, you should!  You will quickly find that it is one of your students’ favorite activities too.  Since Thanksgiving is coming, I set up the Thanksgiving version of the Write the Room activity.  I’ve made tons of them for every season and theme you can think of!  To set it up, you print out the picture/word cards, cut them out and tape them around the room…on walls, cabinets, desks, get creative!  Decide which option of recording pages you want to use with your students and you’re ready for them to Write the Room!!

You can click the pictures to visit my store and grab your copy of the Thanksgiving Write the Room activity.  If you NEED (want) all of the Write the Room Activities, there’s also a Bundle!

Let me know if your students like using the Write the Room activities!  Leave me a comment below or post a photo in action and tag me on social media!

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