What Begins with C? {and 2 freebies!}

I’m a little behind on posting, but here’s a look at what we did for the letter C.  I didn’t focus on a theme this week.  We just learned about many different things that begin with the letter C.
Our craft for uppercase C this week was a cat.  C is for Cat.  Here’s one of my cuties finishing her cat by tracing the words at the bottom.  Check back soon for a post that will show the whole alphabet.  It’s in the works! 

Here’s the completed picture!
For lowercase c, we did c is for clown.  I couldn’t choose just one for this one, so I had to show 2 pictures.  For the nose, I used extra math manipulatives.  They are red and yellow on either side, so my kiddos could choose the clown’s nose color. 

If you’ve been reading my weekly letter posts, this is the poem that we did this week for C. It is Caterpillar’s Story.  My kiddos then made a caterpillar in the shape of the letter C.  A post is in the works for my poetry book too!

Colors begin with C, so we practiced all of our colors this week.  I created these clip and learn colors cards to use.  There are two different versions:  match the color with the matching star and match the color with the matching color word.  Two levels of learning so I could differentiate for my students. You can click the picture to be able to buy the color clip cards.

We also went on a color hunt.  Oh My Goodness…the kiddos absolutely LOVED this.  I hung the stars up in different spots in my room and they had to find them.  We checked them off on the list as we found them.  When we finished they asked if we could do it again, so the next day I hid the stars in new spots and we hunted for them again.  This activity was a definite keeper that can be reused several times throughout the year!  You can also click on the picture for this one to be able to buy a copy to use in your classroom. 
I’ve been trying to incorporate a graphing activity each week too.  Favorite colors graphing was perfect to go with our learning activities this week.  I chose 8 different colors (blue, green, red, orange, pink, black and yellow) and my students placed their name card next to their favorite color.  A graph pack is in the works too!  So many ideas…so little time! 

Another activity that I couldn’t choose just one picture of!  They both chose different toppings so I guess I “needed” both pictures…  We read “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” and we made cupcakes to go with the story.  See the next pic for directions to make the “icing” for the cupcake!  To make the wrapper, I took a strip of construction paper and accordion folded it and glued each side.
Click here to grab your FREE copy of the writing for the cupcake activity!
To make the puffy icing for the cupcake, you need to use equal parts of shaving cream and glue.  Then you mix in a few drops of food coloring.  Yes, it’s just that easy!  It takes a LONG time to dry, so just make sure you let them dry long enough so that they’ll stay looking puffy. 

Here’s what the puffy paint looks like while my kiddos were painting with it.  They thought it was tons of fun!
We also read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and made torn paper cookies to go along with the book.  Tearing paper is such great fine motor practice and actually is one of the first steps to being able to cut paper with scissors.

To top off our color learning, we read Mouse Paint and made this color mixing chart to go along.  The kiddos had to mix their own colors to make the new colors that we read about in the story.  The hardest one to make was purple.  Just a little blue is all you need!!  Click here to get your FREE copy of the Mouse Paint Color Mixing paper.

Other activities that we did that I didn’t take pictures of this week, because we do them weekly and I sometimes just forget (lol) are the ABC Interactive Notebook, Playdough Mats for the letter C, Little Readers for the Letter C, Letter C Crown, What begins with C Poster, Letter C Trace & Write, and more!  You can click the links to either read the blog post about it or to go to my store to learn more.
I hope you enjoy this week’s freebies and ideas!  I’ll be adding Letter D blog post this weekend too…so stay tuned!

Sweet Teaching,

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