Writing Centers for Kindergarten and Pre-K

I am constantly providing new ways for my students to practice writing their letters in our writing center.  Here are a few of the ideas that I have done so far this year.

I use these ABC Trace & Write cards with a dry erase marker.  My kiddos love this because they get to use the dry erase markers.  I use black socks as erasers.  They work great!  You can get your FREE copy by clicking on the picture.

This is another writing center I have used this year.  I wrote all of the letters on the chalkboard easel and my students rainbow trace them in different colors. Easy to set up and you can continue to use it until your letters start looking funky.  As you can see in the top of the picture, I also use black socks to erase at my chalkboard.

Here’s another writing center I’m doing in my classroom.  It’s actually on the lid of one of my sensory bins, so it became a multifunctional area!  I used cutout letters and shapes and laid them down on the table.  Then I put clear contact paper over top of them.  My students use washable crayons to write on top of it and it easily wipes away.  Washable crayons work the best.  I tried dry-erase markers, vis-a-vis markers, regular crayons and regular markers too but the crayons that said “washable” on the box or label work the best.
I’ll add more writing center ideas as I make more in my room. 
I hope you can use these ideas with your students!

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