ABC Interactive Alphabet Notebook

Are you using interactive notebooks in your classroom yet?  They are AMAZING! I’m teaching ages 3-5 this year, so I wasn’t quite sure how I would make an interactive notebook fit into my curriculum or how I would go about using one, but then it hit me.  The littlest learners would benefit from using an alphabet notebook.  It’s great because since it is the alphabet, it is so versatile and can be used with several different ages and grade levels.

I created this ABC Interactive Alphabet Notebook to use in my classroom with my preschool class, but I have also used it with Kindergarten students and First Grade RTI students, as well as students with exceptional learning needs and students on the autism spectrum.   I love that each week the students are able to go back and see what we’ve done previously, so it keeps their learning in a continuous loop.  There are a variety of activities for each letter, which provide students the opportunity to interact with the letters in a different way each day.  However, each week the activities are repeated so that students are able to get familiar with what they will be doing.  This provides an ease for learning.  It also provides a format that is easy for families to understand, since I send them home each Friday for the parents to see.  I’m also finding that my students are loving it as much as I do!  They get excited about using it every day and about taking it home to show their parents. 

I’ve been completing my Interactive Notebooks with my students in small groups.  I’ve also had feedback from some teachers that they use it as homework and others that use it as independent practice.  Here are some pics and a little explanation of how/when I do my ABC notebooks with my students.
This picture shows how I use the notebook on Mondays and Tuesdays.  On Monday, we complete the Letter Sort (close up in the pic below).  I do this on Mondays because in circle time (whole group teaching time) I introduce the letter and this letter sorting mat set as a group.  Then I provide the additional practice in small groups in their interactive notebooks.  Tuesdays we do the picture sort.  I do the picture sort on Tuesdays because I also do a letter sound coloring poster page with them before small groups, so that they are exposed to many different words that begin with the letter we are working on that week.
This is a close-up of the inside of one of the flaps for the letter sort.
On Wednesdays, we do the Find & Stamp the letter and Rainbow Write the Letter.  I like to use bingo daubers with my kiddos because…well…they think it’s fun!  You can also just have them color it, use a sticker on the letter, etc.  Stickers would be fun too, but the only thing about that is that you wouldn’t see the letter under it.
On Fridays, we Spin to Win!  We use a pencil and a paperclip.  This is so much fun for the kiddos because they think it’s a game.  That makes learning EVEN BETTER!!   We skip Thursdays because that’s when we do our poetry notebook (that’s coming in a future post…stay tuned!)
I hope I’ve shown you how you can use ABC Interactive Alphabet Notebooks in your classroom!  I think you and your students will enjoy using an interactive notebook in your classroom as much as my students and I do.  You can get your copy by clicking any of the pictures in this post.

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