Individual Visual Schedule with Check-in Signs and Pieces



Visual schedules are an essential tool for a special education classroom. These individual schedule signs and color-coded check-in pieces are visuals that were developed specifically for helping students with special needs or on the autism spectrum. They are designed to be used as individual visual schedules. They can also be used in general education classes to help students with disabilities learn to use a schedule to function independently within the classroom setting. Having a visual schedule is very important, especially when teaching students with special needs or young learners. In addition to teaching independent functioning skills, it also helps students with maintaining routine, which in turn, also helps regulate behavior.

10 different colors are included for the check-in pieces.

Colors Included:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Gray, Brown


35+ Class Check-in Visuals with Coordinating Schedule Pieces included:

Speech, Specials, Independent Work, Computer, OT (Occupational Therapy), Break, Building Therapy, Cool Down, Yoga, Lunch, Circle Time, Table Task, Lesson Table, Literacy, Literacy with Para, Math, Math with Para, Sensory, Read Aloud, Snack, Library, Writing, Listening, Science, Arts and Crafts, Dismissal/Pack Up, Swimming, Restroom/Bathroom, Inclusion, Play, Calendar Math, Recess, Reading, iPad/Tablet, Special Activity, Work with Teacher.