Fall Alphabet Letter Matching Sensory Bin


Engage young learners in a fall multi-sensory alphabet adventure with letter recognition in this Fall Alphabet Letter Matching Sensory Bin activity.


Embrace the beauty of fall while teaching the alphabet with this “Fall Alphabet Sensory Bin”. This engaging resource offers a delightful and sensory-rich way for children to explore letters, learn their ABCs, and build a strong foundation in literacy. You can use this in a fall-themed sensory bin or as a letter matching activity in centers or independent work.

Key Features:

  • Autumn-Inspired Sensory Play: Themed sensory bins that capture the essence of fall, with cute squirrels and acorns.
  • Letter Recognition: This sensory bin features uppercase and lowercase letters to promote letter recognition. There are also 2 choices for the corresponding letter worksheet – with and without tracing lines. You can also laminate and have students use a dry-erase marker.
  • Interactive Learning: Encourage tactile exploration and fine motor development as students engage in sensory-rich alphabet activities.
  • Printable Cards and Mats: High-quality, easy-to-use printable letter cards mats for the use with your sensory bin (or as matching!), providing a seamless setup.

Why Choose this “Fall Alphabet Sensory Bin”?

  • Multi-Sensory Learning: Sensory play engages various senses, promoting a deeper understanding of letters.
  • Seasonal Fun: Connect letter learning to the beauty of fall, making the alphabet more enticing for young learners.
  • Customized Learning: Adapt the activity to suit individual learning goals, whether you’re introducing the alphabet or enhancing letter recognition.
  • Teacher-Tested: Developed with insights from experienced educators, ensuring practicality and effectiveness in educational settings.

Make alphabet learning a memorable and sensory-rich adventure with this “Fall Alphabet Sensory Bin.”