Code Red Drill Social Story for Special Education



Having a code red drill can be scary for some students. This social narrative helps students learn what a code red practice is for and what to do in the event of a code red drill. Social Scripts are great visuals for helping students with special needs or on the autism spectrum. Visual supports included in the Code Red Social Story help to enhance its effectiveness. Reading and reviewing this social story before a Code Red Drill can be particularly helpful for individuals who may find such drills distressing.

A “Code Red Drill Social Story” is a specialized type of social story designed to help children, understand and cope with the experience of a “Code Red” or “Lockdown” drill. These drills are typically practiced in schools to prepare for emergency situations, such as a threat inside or outside of the building. The goal of a Code Red Drill Social Story is to provide clear and reassuring information to students about what to expect during a Code Red Drill, especially those who may have sensory sensitivities or anxiety related to unexpected events.  The Code Red Social Story is designed to help your students feel more prepared and less anxious about the Code Red or Lockdown experience.

What’s Included?

⭐️ Full Page Condensed (one-sheet) Code Red Social Story.

⭐️ Half Page Code Red Social Story booklet.