Break Card Visuals & Data Collection


Break card visuals for special education.

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Break Cards are an essential tool for helping students who need to take a break during work time. Sometimes our students need to take a break and it is important for them to have the breaks that they need. We need to teach them to self-advocate for the breaks that they need. However, we also want to teach them that there is a limit to how many breaks that they are able to take so that they are able to have time for work too.

**Break Cards are great visuals for helping students with special needs or on the autism spectrum. They can also be used for general education students who need breaks or request frequent breaks.

-There are 3 options for breaks included: 1, 2, or 3 break options.

*There are 8 different options for children to have an inclusive variety. There are 4 Boy options and 4 girl options with different hair colors and skin tones.

-A data collection page is also included to help you keep track of how many breaks your student(s) are taking.

Here’s what teachers are saying about these Break Cards:

5⭐️ Extremely satisfied “This was super helpful for visual support for my k and first grade students. I used one for work completion goals and one for needing a break!”

5⭐️ Extremely satisfied “This was a great resource to use with my student who tries to request multiple breaks a day. This helped the student visually see how many breaks they had used and how many they had left! It definitely helped him learn how to only request a break when it was needed.”

5⭐️Extremely satisfied “This is quick and easy visual that I have been using to help students request breaks. It has helped prevent meltdowns when students can request a break and identify what kind of break they want to take.” – Kimberly S.