The ULTIMATE Teacher Binder!

Are you looking for a way to be more organized in the classroom this year?  I was too.  That’s why I created the Ultimate Teacher Binder.  I’m also into things being thematic, so I’ve created it in tons of different themes (with matching classroom decoration packs too, of course!)  This binder has EVERYTHING you need to get and stay organized, year after year.  AND I will be updating it yearly for FREE too!  Say what??!!  YES!

Here’s the cover of my Farm Themed Teacher Binder that I used this school year.  I printed it and slid it inside a binder that has the clear plastic viewing slot. 

Here’s a few pics of the inside of my binder.

Now for the pics of the “good stuff”!  There are over 100 pages of goodies in the binder to suit ALL of your needs!  I’m showing the Superhero binder, but the info inside any of the themed binders I’ve created is the same. 
Here’s the different cover pages.  I’ve included one for Notes, Student Info, Plans, Calendar, Substitute Info, R.T.I, Misc and a blank one for you to add whatever else you want.

Here’s more of the covers and corresponding pages that are included.  This is ONLY a small fraction of what’s included.  The calendar is one or two page versions.

Here’s the themes that I have created so far:
I hope you enjoy becoming more organized with this binder!  I love it and I hope you will too!

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