Cc is for Cowboy/Cowgirl!

This unit was so much fun!  My little cowboys and cowgirls loved it!  I used my Letter of the week Wild West Cc is for Cowboy unit, which is one of the many units that I have created.  You can get your own copy by clicking here.  Here are some pics and descriptions of our Cc is for Cowboy and Cowgirl unit and the fun we had!

 These are our clap & clip syllables cards.  The kiddos say the word and clap the number of sounds (syllables) that they hear in the word, then they clip their answer.

 These boots were so much fun!  First, I had the kiddos paint their boots (pic below), then we cut them out and glued them on their favorite color of construction paper.  They then filled in the blank for “These boots are made for _______________”  I especially love how one of my kiddos said his boots were made for saving the world!  We finished off the boots with some glitter glue and rhinestones!

 No matter what I do, I can’t flip this pic the right way, so hopefully you can see it!  It’s a picture count addition write & wipe (which can also be turned into a cut & paste if you prefer).  I laminated it for re-use, plus my pre-kers are just starting to learn addition, so I figured write & wipe this time was the right way to go.   🙂
 We also made these cowboy & cowgirl hats.  They colored and cut them out and I stapled them onto a sentence strip.  They loved wearing them to centers!
 These are our count and learn puzzles.  There are different pictures for each number up to 10. 
I have my kiddos do this at the math or puzzle center.
Last one is of course upside down too!  Ugh…I have to learn how to fix these!  Just a quick sort of cowboys/cowgirls and other western items.  Fun & fast intro during circle time!
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our cowboys and cowgirls unit!  :)

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