Summer ESY Checklists for Special Education

Summer ESY Checklist

Summer is coming and that means you will have students who will qualify to attend ESY. In the field of special education, ESY stands for Extended School Year and it applies to students who would have a significant regression in one or more of 4 categories if they were not to remain working on their goals during ESY. (ESY post with more info coming soon!)

These summer ESY checklists for special education are designed to help you help your students and prepare for ESY. There are two different checklists included in this resource. One ESY checklist is for the teacher or service provider that is “sending” the student to ESY summer session. The other ESY checklist is for the students’ ESY folders. The checklists contain all of the information you will need to account for with each student who will be attending ESY and make sure that they are prepared to maximize learning.

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