Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!  To celebrate, our school always does a parade for Pre-K through 1st grade and the rest of the school watches us parade through the halls.  It’s so much fun!  In my classroom, I probably own almost every Dr. Seuss book ever written, so we read a TON of his books and do fun activities to go along with.  I hope you can use some of these ideas with your kiddos!

How cute is this fish bowl!!!  I stamped their hands with paint and used just their fingers for the “2 fish”.  I actually punched holes in it and let them wear it as a necklace during the parade.  It was super cute!

Here was our treat!  It was green eggs…no ham!  LOL!  I just used vanilla pudding with green food coloring for the “egg white” and a Nilla Wafer for the “yolk”.  Yum!

How cute are our thing hats!  Each hat has a different “Thing #”.  They got to choose which number they wanted to be.  I painted both hands at the same time:  One red and one white w/ blue fingers and had them stamp their hands down on the yellow paper.  When they dried we glued on their wiggle eyes and Thing Numbers.  We used glitter glue for the mouths.  Then we attached them to a sentence strip and added funky blue “hair” out of about 1 inch thick construction paper.

I hope you can use some of these ideas to have fun with your students!  I LOVE Dr. Seuss Day!

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