I’ve got a pretty cute (if I must say so myself!!!) snowman craft to show you today.  We made these adorable snowmen names with each child’s name.  They came out super cute!

To make them, I cut out white circles (about 3 inches in diameter, but you could use whatever size you want).  I then wrote the child’s name in glitter glue.  When it dried (the next day) I gave them the circles with the letters in their name on it and they had to arrange them in the right order.  We glued them on , then we used a dessert sized paper plate as the head.  I gave them google eyes and a piece of foam cut into a carrot shape for the nose.  The mouth is sequins and I let them choose the color.  I love those for fine motor practice!  For the hat I was lucky enough to have real pieces of leather that my aunt gave me, but you could just as easily use construction paper.  I used little pieces of fabric for the scarf.  They stretched and glued cotton balls for the snow on the bottom and made glitter glue dots for the falling snow.
Happy Winter!!

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