All About Me – I am Special

We just completed an All About Me (I Am Special) unit.  We started the unit at the end of the first week of school and continued it through the second week.  I like to start the year with All About Me.  Children love to learn and share about themselves.  I also think it helps to build self-confidence, which is so important. Here are some pictures from our unit, which is also available on Teachers Pay Teachers in my store, if you want to check it out.  Just click any of the pics to see.  🙂
Here’s the cover of the All About Me book that we made.   I chose to use the small version for my students this year.  We glued each page onto construction paper and when we finished, we bound the books with yarn.
This is one of my favorite pages!  I took yarn and measured my students.  Then, I placed it in a pocket and glued it onto the page.  Such a fun keepsake for parents!
Here are a few more pages from the book!  Wherever you see a fill in the blank line, I wrote the child’s answer and had them use a crayon to trace over it, so they could get in the writing practice too.
Here’s the people they made to look like themselves.  I used wrapping paper left overs for the clothing, google eyes for the eyes and yarn for the hair.  They drew the rest.  The pattern to make these cuties is included in my pack.  🙂

Teaching the littles to recognize their name is so important.  It is the very first word that they will be able to read.  Here are a few ideas to help them teach them their names, as well as work on fine motor skills!
All I did for this one is write each child’s name on an index card and then each letter on a clothespin and put it all in a bag with the child’s name on it.  The clothespins came in a pack of 36 from the Dollar Store!  Can’t beat that price!
For this activity, I wrote each child’s name on a large piece of construction paper and gave them each a sheet of the little circle stickers.  Then they placed the stickers on the lines of their name.  They really LOVED this one because they got to use stickers!  It’s the little things that make the littles happy!  🙂
For this activity, I used the letters included in my All About Me pack.  They decorated the letter and traced the “is for _____” part.  I also had them cut out their initial, to provide cutting practice.
I hope you enjoy the ideas and can use them with your students!!  🙂
Happy Teaching,

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