Sunday, Sunday

Dear Last Sunday of the Summer,

Please make the day last a little longer.  That is all.

Thank you,
Every Teacher Ever

I officially start back to work tomorrow.  I’m sad to not be able to spend every single moment of the day with my own little ones, but I am excited that my kiddos are happy to be going back to school.  They LOVE their teachers and their friends! 

I have a BIG day ahead of me tomorrow.  I’m moving classrooms this year, so EVERYTHING is boxed up and I get to unbox it…yippee!  {Insert sarcasm}

I am, however, excited to take a before and after picture to see the progress and to show you all.  I’m also very excited to start decorating my classroom in my new theme…ZOO!

Good luck to all of you who start back tomorrow…and wish me luck too!  I’ll need it!  🙂

Kristin   🙂

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