Doc McStuffins Sensory Fun

Well, it’s summer time, so I get to have some fun with my little ones at home.  I have a daughter who is 4 and my son is 2.  We’ve been doing some homeschooling this week, which my daughter LOVES!  I’ll have to remember to take more pics, but here’s some of the Doc McStuffins sensory bin that we had fun exploring this week. 

In the bin (from Dollar Tree) I included some cotton balls, bandaids, the pieces from my daughter’s Doc McStuffins dr. bag (a stethoscope, syringe, otoscope, hammer, and bandaid) and I included the chipboard pieces that came in the book we bought.  My daughter wore her Doc lab coat while she explored.  My kiddos enjoyed exploring and fishing out the pieces of chipboard from the book.  The pieces are like a puzzle, so after they found them, we put them back in the book where they belong.  🙂 
I bought some other fun things to go with our learning this week…I’ll post more pics this week. 

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