Beaded Candy Canes

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!  I hope you are all having a great day with your families.  I haven’t had a chance lately to post, but I have sooo much to share! 

Here are some candy canes that we made in class.  🙂  I love that my little ones had skills to practice while making these:  patterning and fine motor skills! 

I had three different colors of pipe cleaners for my students to choose from:  red, green, and white.  I also had a variety of bead colors to choose from.

The students selected the color of beads and pipe cleaners that they wanted and then strung the beads onto the pipe cleaner and made a pattern with them.

We also had Cheerios so that they could make one to hang outside for the animals.  🙂

 Finished beaded candy cane hung on the Christmas tree!  🙂
  One of my little ones making the Cheerio candy cane.

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