Little Readers!

I love little readers for my students.  The one’s I’m creating could be used in a few grade levels (pre-k to first).  I love to use them for my pre-kers this year.  For them, I love that there are so many skills…cutting, tracing, coloring, identifying colors, counting, identifying letters, etc…the list goes on!  They love them too!  They love being able to make their own book and take it home to share it with their parents. They get excited about the skills they’ve learned, the words they are able to identify or even “read” them.  I use them as a part of my Letter of the Week activities.  We make them during table work time, then later in the day we read them again on the carpet together during our closing circle time.
 Here’s a little preview of the Ee is for Elephant Little Reader.  You can click the picture above to be taken to Teachers Pay Teachers to see it in my store.  🙂
 This is one of the pages of the little reader in color.  I also provided it in black and white.
 Here’s a page of the coloring little reader book.
I’ve uploaded many letters.  Not quite done with the whole alphabet, but I’m working on it!!!  🙂

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