Now I know my ABCs!

Letter of the Week curriculum activities are so important in preschool and in Kindergarten.  I absolutely LOVE planning for the letter of the week!  I love to make the theme intertwine in all of my activities for the week.  I think it makes it more meaningful and fun for the littles.  I even like to include a themed snack that matches what we are learning.  I’ll go into that more in another post.
Today, I want to share my newest fun addition to my letters of the week.  ABC Alphabet bracelets that are fun and help the littles with learning the letters of the alphabet.  My littles LOVE wearing these to show off what they are learning.  They are also great for having others ask them to identify the letters of the bracelet.
Grab yours by clicking the pic. It will take you to a new page.  :)

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