5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Classroom

Timers can be a very valuable tool to use for your classroom.  Let’s talk about five different ways that you can use a timer to benefit your students. 1. Teaching Students to Wait Waiting can be such a challenging skill for some students.  Many of our students can have a short attention span and haveContinue reading “5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Classroom”

I Need a BREAK! Visual Break Cards

I NEED a Break!     Everybody needs a break sometimes.  Our students can become overwhelmed at times, during work time especially, and may need a break.  The thing is that they may not always know how to ask for a break appropriately.  I use these break card visuals with students to help them learn toContinue reading “I Need a BREAK! Visual Break Cards”

I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal

 I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal Teaching children to be grateful is an important skill.  It also helps promote mindfulness and teaches them to be present, in the moment and to reflect on themselves and their experiences.   One way I have implemented reflection time with my own two personal children, as well as withContinue reading “I Am Grateful – A Reflection Journal”

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