Apples, Apples Everywhere!

We started to learn our letters of the week this week with letter Aa.  My students had so much fun exploring all things Aa!  Our focus was mostly apples, but we also learned about other things that begin with Aa too!  Here are some pictures of what we did this week:

“a is for apple” craft  {letter of the week crafts post coming soon!}

“A is for Alligator” craft.  Love that this uses shapes too!
These are the items that I used in my Apple Pie Discovery (sensory) bin.  All you really need is flour and oil.  The measurement is about 5-6 cups flour to 1 cup oil.  If you want it to be more like dough, add more oil.  I also added cinnamon sticks, mini plastic apples, pie and tart dishes, a spatula, and measuring utensils.
Here’s a picture of what one of my little girls made in the bin!

Here’s 2 of my students measuring the dough!  Great for beginning measurement activities too!

…and here’s the bin when I first made it, before mixing in the oil and letting the kiddos play!

We also used our five senses to learn more about apples and describe them.  Of course they had trouble waiting to get to the “taste” part before they tasted!  Yum!

Here’s an apple tree we made to go with our unit.

This is something new I’m beginning with them too.  It’s our poetry book.  We will be adding to it each week with a poem and a craft. More info to come in another post dedicated only to poetry books!  I’m so excited for this one…but I’m not quite finished putting it together.  🙂

We also hole punched beginning sounds this week with this pack of beginning sound punchers.
I love that these build fine motor with sound recognition and letter identification.  The kiddos love that they get to use the hole puncher!  It’s a win-win!  🙂

Here’ one of my students building the letter Aa out of play dough with my Zoo Animals Playdough Mats pack.
I also did all of the A’s and alligator activities from my Zoo Mega Learning Pack.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics, but we used the upper/lower Aa sort, the A is for Alligator coloring page, the Alligator Puzzle, and the Aa tracing page.  I also used my Apples Count & Clip for a math center.
That was about all for this week! 
On to the letter B! {I like to go in order mostly…a little OCD I guess!}
Sweet Teaching,

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