New items!

So, if you haven’t heard yet…I’m now giving 50% off of ALL of my items for the first 48 hours that they are listed!  What!!??!!  Yep, that’s right!  I’m a huge fan of deals, so I wanted to pass my love of deals along to you!  Here’s two new ones that I’ve listed today, whichContinue reading “New items!”

Zoo Animals Theme MEGA Learning Pack

I’m so excited about my newest pack!  It’s a Zoo Animal theme pack that is 189 pages of math and literacy fun!  I am soooo excited about using it with my new class this year.  It’s finally complete.  I only had bits and pieces of what is there now to use with my class lastContinue reading “Zoo Animals Theme MEGA Learning Pack”

Enter Enter Enter!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that there’s not much time left to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!  It’s just a few posts below, or click the link to go directly there: Good luck!  There aren’t too many entries for this giveaway  🙁 but that’s a better chance for YOU!! 🙂

Wish List Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday again!! Who’s excited for another giveaway?? I know I am!!! This week’s giveaway will last until 7/21. I’m giving away the 2nd most wishlisted item in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It’s a Dramatic Play pack for the Grocery Store. SO MUCH FUN!!! I’m a little better at the whole giveaway thing thisContinue reading “Wish List Wednesday!”

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway contest for Wish List Wednesday!    The winner is…..Kelsey C!  CONGRATULATIONS Kelsey!  I’ve emailed you the ABC Hole Punch pack to the email address you gave to rafflecopter!  🙂    I will definitely be holding another giveaway next Wednesday, so come join the fun! 

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