Zz is for Zoo

The Zoo has been one of my favorite themes so far.  The littles loved it too!  I couldn’t wait to share the fun and learning we’ve been doing in our classroom! This is our Construction/Blocks center.  This week they had to use the blocks to build a zoo for the animals.  They LOVED building zoos.  TheyContinue reading “Zz is for Zoo”

Ll is for Ladybug…again!

Forgot to share this adorable ladybug had that we made to go with our ladybug unit.  I also wanted to share these Ladybug Count & Clip task cards that I made and used with my students.  Sorry so late!  My goal (starting now!) is to blog at least once a week.  I want to share what IContinue reading “Ll is for Ladybug…again!”

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