Fun Fine Motor Snack!

I was making holiday goodies with my own kiddos when I discovered that this snack is great for the kiddos to make!  I had seen similar postings on Pinterest for these type of treats, but none of them from an educational standpoint of course!  Here’s what we made:   I call them pretzel kisses becauseContinue reading “Fun Fine Motor Snack!”

Letter of the Week – D

This was another fun week in paradise!  Seriously…I LOVE MY JOB!  Getting to plan all of these fun and exciting activities really makes me happy!  We learned all about the letter D this week.  We also learned about pets as an extension of “d is for dog”.  The best part was of course our PawsContinue reading “Letter of the Week – D”

1 Year Anniversary of Becoming The Teaching Zoo CELEBRATION!!

Well, it’s official!  I’ve been “The Teaching Zoo” for 1 year!  I’d like to have a celebration for all of you to show how much I appreciate your continued support!  There will be fun stuff on each of my sites.  I will be having giveaways, freebies, sales and new products…with giveaways of those too!  PleaseContinue reading “1 Year Anniversary of Becoming The Teaching Zoo CELEBRATION!!”

Writing Centers for Kindergarten and Pre-K

I am constantly providing new ways for my students to practice writing their letters in our writing center.  Here are a few of the ideas that I have done so far this year. I use these ABC Trace & Write cards with a dry erase marker.  My kiddos love this because they get to useContinue reading “Writing Centers for Kindergarten and Pre-K”

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